New office and new MBA interns

We’re now based in Moorgate amongst tall, shiny buildings hosting a plethora of law firms. If you want to send us postcards from your travels or meet us for a coffee, this is our new address:

What Now Travel,
20 Ropemaker Street,

One of those desks could be yours...
One of those desks could be yours…

Tara Reedy:

Tara is currently doing her MBA at London Business School. She previously worked as a veterinarian in New Zealand for 6 years and ran a clinic for exotic pets. She loves spicy food and exploring different cultures so Asia is her favourite travel destination! Her most memorable trips were a month travelling around India and learning animal acupuncture in China. Follow her on Twitter for tweets about tech and animals.

Tara will be helping us out with marketing but as with any start-up she’ll get all round business experience.

Avinash Bhavnani:

Avinash is currently an MBA student at IESE Business School in sunny Barcelona. He comes from a product management and business development background in financial services, and is looking to cast aside the pinstripes in favour of the black turtleneck and jeans of the entrepreneur world. Before finance, he studied Management at Warwick University, where he also founded the social entrepreneurship and microfinance clubs. He is originally from Mumbai, India, where he lived until the age of 18 before moving to the UK.

Avinash is passionate about good food, music and the theatre, and spends his free time indulging in any combination of the above. Travel is also very close to his heart, having not only travelled all over Europe and Asia, but also worked most summers in his family travel consultancy in Mumbai, India.

Avinash will be utilising his Excel-ninja skills to help us out on the Product and Analytics side of things.