[jeg_heading type="h1" float="center" title="Meet the team"][jeg_team_wrapper][jeg_team_member image="592" name="Tony Sandler" subtext="Founder & CEO" description="A passionate traveller, Tony loves to explore new places at any opportunity. With a background of approximately 10 years in sales, marketing and advertising, Tony has worked for both UK and global advertisers such as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Nestlé and SEAT – both on the advertising agency side and as a marketer. Having been born and brought up in London, as well as living in South Africa, Tony recently spent 2 ½ years living, working and studying in Barcelona (which, by his own admission, was not so bad!), where he gained an MBA from IESE Business School."][jeg_team_member name="Ricardo Vinagre" subtext="Mobile Developer" description="Having lived and worked in 3 countries, and as a fluent speaker in 5 different languages, Ricardo very much enjoys the new experiences that travel gives him. A senior developer with a background working in financial services, he stepped out to pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavours, turning his attention to Android and iOS development. Just as comfortable exploring far-away nature or sipping a coffee watching the world go by in a city café, he tries to get away whenever he can." image="594"][jeg_team_member name="Stef Butlin" subtext="Back-End Developer" description="With a masters in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University, Stef has spent the last 20 years working in various technical roles at large companies such as Qualcomm, as well as being CTO of various startups such as Taptu, an award-winning mobile search company, and Testpad, which he founded himself. When he has the time, he loves to get away with his family & go exploring in the mountains." image="617"][jeg_team_member image="595" name="Aftab Arab" subtext="Lead Designer" description="Aftab has extensive design experience having worked as a Lead Designer at busuu.com. He built up the design team, redesigned the website and created their apps for Android and iOS (UI and UX) that got featured by both Apple and Google. Before that he was at Lastminute.com for 2 years working on Lastminute.com, Travelocity and Zuji. He redesigned their hotels and flights products on mobile and web. In his spare time, he likes to work his magic in the kitchen and travel the world."][jeg_team_member image="596" name="Luke Razzell" subtext="UX Designer" description="Luke originally trained as a musician, and had a 15-year career as a piano teacher. Since 2007, he has built three startups and consulted as an experience strategist and designer to some of world’s leading companies (and some others) in between. Geo-local discovery is a thread running through Luke’s design career: he led the user experience strategy and design of 3D mapping app Recce and of various areas of Time Out’s website and mobile app."][jeg_team_member image="1296" name="Renia Diamantopoulou" subtext="Data Analyst" description="Originally from Greece, Renia lived in Utrecht whilst studying Space Research and Astronomy and then moved to London to work on her PhD in Astrophysics at UCL. She has an active interest in coding and new technologies. In her spare time you will find her with a cup of coffee walking the streets of London, travelling or planning her next trip. She also enjoys watching movies, making jewellery and playing PC games. "][jeg_team_member image="1288" name="Alex Gencheva" subtext="Marketing" description="Originally from Bulgaria, Alex has vast international experience having lived, worked and studied in five countries throughout her life. Naturally, she has a passion for travel, exploring new places and experiencing new cultures and languages. She really enjoys creating and editing digital content - anything from videos and photos, to blog and social media posts. Her previous experience includes planning and executing communication and marketing strategies and campaigns at Carlsberg and Airbus SAS. In her free time Alex enjoys yoga (more specifically headstands), photography and planning/enjoying her next trip. She also has a keen interest in new technologies, start-ups and social entrepreneurship. "][jeg_team_member image="599" name="Brian Harniman" subtext="Advisor" description="With many years experience working at various successful e-commerce companies, including innovative travel ones, Brian has much useful advice to give to travel startups. Having started as one of Priceline.com’s earliest employees, he rose through the ranks to become the vice-president of marketing and business development over-seeing many of their purchases as well as their marketing as they grew rapidly. Feeling the entrepreneurial bug bite, Brian then left to work with various startup projects including Openlist, the web's premier vertical search and discovery engine, and “Where I’ve been”, an innovative social media tool that went strongly viral on Facebook. Brian then worked as global EVP for sales and distribution at the fast-growing travel site Kayak before leaving to start his own travel business, Intravel. He currently advises various startups and loves to get away with his family whenever he can."][jeg_team_member image="600" name="Oliver Schoen" subtext="Advisor" description="Originally from Germany but having lived in Spain too, Oliver has a multi-national background and a passion for travel. After an early career in consulting and achieving his MBA, Oliver decided to follow an entrepreneurial path. As the founder and CEO of mycitymate.com, he developed industry leading technology and was one of the early leaders in the mobile travel space, achieving more than 1 million downloads of their mobile app by 2008 and white labelling their solution for big travel brands including a leading global travel guide publisher. Oliver now consults and lectures on strategy and loves to get away with his family at any opportunity."][jeg_team_member image="601" subtext="Advisor" name="John Tomany" description="In a 30 year career, John has experience of working in senior roles with a number of multi-national business including Philips, BICC and BT plc, including as BT’s Head of Partnerships and Head of Commercial Development for BT Internet & Multimedia Services. Over the past 12 years, John has been pursuing his more entrepreneurial passions and has run and mentored various start-ups acting as a consultant and director for a number internet businesses in the UK, USA, France and Israel. Armed with an engineering background, a BA(Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Masters in International Business from London Business School, John has a passion for travel and has worked and travelled throughout Europe, Asia, South Africa and North America."][/jeg_team_wrapper]